Consultancy work in schools

“Emily and Debbie were great in helping me organise our school’s long term plan. Their expertise enabled me to see how we could fit French into our topic work, with a cross-curriculum focus. They were able to make suggestions about what vocabulary and grammar could be taught at different stages to show progression (this having added challenges as we have mixed year and mixed key stage classes) They were very enthusiastic about my ideas and helped me put them into practice in a way that would engage the children and ensure fun, but provide progression”. Languages Lead | Aldeburgh Primary School

“Emily was incredibly knowledgeable and as a result, I came away with some fantastic ideas and a clear plan. Thank you”. Karen | Head of Languages – The Winstanley School, Leicester

Leisure learning classes

“I’ve been taking Spanish lessons for a few months now. They are fun, I’ve learnt lots and the lesson content is focused on real life conversations”. Stuart | Beginners 2 Spanish course

“I have received very enjoyable and useful Spanish lessons from this business. πŸ™‚ “. Alistair | Beginners 2 Spanish course

“Very helpful, very friendly. Will explain thoroughly to help you understand. Relaxed learning atmosphere and lots of encouragement. Definitely recommend”. Emma | Beginners 2 Spanish course

“I have been learning Spanish with Emily since September (2019), the classes are completely engaging, informative and fun! Emily uses handouts, individual whiteboards, quizzes and paired work as well as posting revision on Quizlet – all learning styles are covered and the classes are highly enjoyable. I am hoping to continue onto my third block! Thank you πŸ˜Š”. Kate | Beginners 2 Spanish course

“Being in such a small class is great and Emily is a fantastic teacher. She has so much patience and there is no pressure. I would definitely recommend using Language Town if you are wanting to learn or expand your knowledge of another language”. Rachel | Beginners 1 Spanish course

“Emily is a great teacher with loads of knowledge about languages and makes the classes a fun and easy learning environment . Would recommend Language town to anyone who wants to learn a new language!” Vijay | Beginners 1 Spanish course

“Debbie is a great teacher, it’s a great way to learn a new language” Helen | Beginners 1 French course

“I decided to start French lessons here as a beginner and have to say that Debbie has been really excellent! She is very patient, has strong teaching skills, and knows when to challenge and support you during the lessons. I have done other language lessons elsewhere and always felt slightly nervous or uncomfortable in the past so I was quite anxious about starting here but the learning environment is great and relaxed – I can feel more confident in the lesson and also afterwards when practicing at home. The lessons teach equal amounts of reading, writing, speaking and listening, with some grammar when needed and using workbooks as a structure. It’s really interactive which helps a lot. I would highly recommend for anybody, especially beginners. Very good if you want something to focus on or need some language knowledge for travel. I hope to keep using them in the future”. Patrick | Beginners 1 French course